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Lower Campus K-2
2900 W. 44th. St.
Phone: 612.920.9075
Fax: 612.920.8504
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Upper Campus 3-8
3210 W. 51st. St.
Phone: 612.927.8673
Fax: 612.927.7426
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Mr. Rome's Homepage
My first year at Carondelet was outstanding. I expect my second year will be even better. I can't wait to learn and grow with all of you.

7-205 Homeroom
Please make sure to bring all your permission slips from the Open House with your parent's signature. I'm looking forward to building our homeroom community this year. 

6th Grade Ancient History
 Ancient History this year will be examining the origins of civilization and investigating the major civilizations of the ancient world. 

7th Grade U.S. History
American History this year will be starting with the American Civil War and progressing through the 20th century up to the Civil Rights Movement. 

8th Grade Geography
Geography this year will be starting with the study of the United States and then will move throughout the globe to investigate foreign societies. We will compare and contrast the cultural, political, and religious aspects of a number of countries. Additionally, we'll be participating in History Day.

Late Work Policy
1 day late will receive 25% off
2 days late 50% off
3 days late is a ZERO and will be posted as an incomplete.
Your grade will be an incomplete until you turn it in for ZERO points. Students must have all work turned in at the end each trimester.

Middle School Grading Scale

A+ = 98-100%      A = 93-97%        A- = 90-92%

B+ = 88-89%        B = 83-87%        B- = 80-82%

C+ = 78-79%        C = 73-77%        C- = 70-72%

D+ = 68-69%        D = 63-67%        D- = 60-62%

F = 59% or below

The best way to contact me is by email

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