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Lower Campus K-2
2900 W. 44th. St.
Phone: 612.920.9075
Fax: 612.920.8504
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Upper Campus 3-8
3210 W. 51st. St.
Phone: 612.927.8673
Fax: 612.927.7426
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Mrs. Moening's Webpage (Pronounced Manning)
M,W, F at the Lower Campus 
T, Th and Fr 1st period  at the Upper Campus  (no phone, call the office and leave a message) 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all.  Today was the talent show at the lower campus, what a great time we had watching all the brave talented kids who put themselves out there. Great Job all. 
Report cards are going out today - mine progress reports will be emailed out over the weekend. Thanks for your patience.  

K - segmenting and blending our CVC word family words. Working on "at", "ad", "am" "ig", "id' and "it". Also continue to work on sight words.

1st - Silent e words.

2nd - "ight", y as I and chaning "y" to "I" t odd "es" , and "ed" Reviewing segmenting, blending and substituting of sounds. 

3rd - Long vowel team word is getting really solid. We will spend some time working on reviewing silent e words. 

4th - Sight words get harder - we continue to work on multi syllable sight words. And continue to work on syllable rules as well as prefixes and suffixes. 

5th - Vocabulary and comprehension are our focus. Supporting in class reading of Roll of Thunder Here My Cry with work on character study but looking at quotes from different characters and seeing how they feel. 

Middle School - Using articles on a general topi to take notes and work on our writing, also trying out voice to text. 

Spring Break will be here before we know it. 


The year is flying by. 
Spring conference time is here. I will be offering individual conferences at both the lower and upper conference. Due to the nature of my groups it often works better to schedule conferences for all grades, instead of being part of the round robin, for middle school students. Below is the link to sign up. 
Sign Up Now!

K- blending and segmenting words. Learning CVC short A words and digraphs (h brothers)
1st grader - reviewing h brothers adding PH, beginning introduction to long vowels. Introduced book bags - letter
2nd grade - reviewing long vowels, trigraphs (tch). Started I love to read month - challenge empty the shelves. 
3rd grade - introduce common prefixes and suffixes, non-fiction text features 
4th grade - prefixes and suffixes review, note taking practice to prepare for State report
5th grade - non-fiction comprehension focus, root word study
Middle School - research skills, 8th grade help with history day, 7th grade support of the giver.

Mid year assessments. 
Catholic schools week and more. 

Looking ahead - Feb will be conferences!  Sign up soon - it will be linked above, starting on Feb 2 or 3rd. 

1st grade bookbags
 2nd grade reading challenge. 
I love to read month. 

k - blending 
1 - blends (sl, br, pr) 
2nd long vowels. 

3-5 comprehension 
6-8 research questions 

Coding week 

October is almost over!
Conference Time 
I will be at the upper campus on Monday 10/30/17 for the round robin conference times. 
I have scheduled conferences at both campuses on Thursday 11/2/17. Please contact you at emoening@carondelet-mpls.org, if you would like to schedule a conference. 

September - Done with assessments and are beginning groups. Please contact the me, your child's classroom teacher or Ms. Wozinak if they are on a plan and you would like a beginning of the year conference.

It is a pleasure to meet all the new Kindergarten students and all new students to the school. I always love seeing how much the others have grown and changed over the summer. We are off to a great start in the literacy intervention room. 

I will begin the year by assessing all students in grades 1-5 that I worked with last year. I will also assess all Kindergarten students and any new students. Using WIN time on Friday mornings I will begin to reassess all new Middle School Students as well as Students I have seen in the past. Groups will be starting in the middle of September.  I will be having middle school groups at the Upper Campus at WIN time. If Middle School students are in a Tuesday/Thursday study I can meet with them on Thursday at elective time. Before school time will be determined once we establish the need/interest. Thursday, if they have study hall. 

We are all readers. My goal is to take each reader from where they are and move them along the reading path.  As a reading teacher I love reading, books, and talking about books.  My goal is to help picky readers become avid readers. So students, your challenge is to recommend your favorite book to me and if I have not read it, I will add it to my list of must reads.  

Welcome new students. At Carondelet we focus on every students individual needs. In the intervention group we will work on letters, letter names, and sounds. We also work on concert of print and use rhymes. 

Reading 1- 2:

We will be focusing on the multiple ways to read as we become better readers. 

Ways we read: 
1) Reading with pictures
2) Retelling stories
3) Reading with words.

We will be working on our skills (letters,phonics, sight words) and strategies to decode words, comprehending what we read and interacting with our text. 

Reading 3-5:
We will continue to work on our reading skills, strategies, fluency, and comprehension strategies. Making the change from "learning to read" to "reading to learn.
In comprehension we will focus on:
1) Predicting
2) Connecting
3) Retelling
4) Visualizing 
5) Questioning
6) Summarizing (Main Idea, Character, Setting and Plot)

Reading 6-8:
We will also continue to work on reading, comprehension strategies and fluency.  We will be reading to learn and reading for deeper meaning.  We will talk about 1st and 2nd draft reading, just like writing;  to polish our craft and add details. 

First Draft Skills
1) Questioning 
2) Gauge Understanding
3) Connect to text
4) Predict 

Second Draft Skills 
1) Character Study
2) Cause/ Effect 
3) Inferring 
4) Summarizing 

Useful Links/ apps:

Reading /Book Apps

Explain everything 

Read Me Stories 

Reading Rainbow

Spelling City

Presentation sites/ apps

PuppetPals HD

Puppet Edu

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