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2900 W. 44th. St.
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Mrs. Martin's Homepage
Classroom K-100

Phone:  612-926-0001  x20

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF

Weekly Schedule:

MONDAY: Spanish and Gym  (Gym Shoes Needed)

TUESDAY:  Spanish and Music

WEDNESDAY: Gym (Gym Shoes Needed)
  Library  (Library books are due)


FRIDAY: Gym  (Gym Shoes Needed)

Welcome children, I'm glad you're here.
We're all going to have a wonderful year!
We'll draw and we'll write,
We'll sing and we'll play,
We'll paint and we'll build,
And learn wonderful things each day!

Welcome to Mrs. Martin's Homepage –

June 1, 2018

All library books are now due.

All Just Right books from the classroom are now due. Thank you! 

Field Day is on Monday, June 4th at 1:20 at Linden Hills.  The children can be out of uniform.  Make sure they wear Gym shoes.  They can bring water bottles and hats.  If you could apply sunscreen before school, that would be great.  Stop by the park and see all the fun.  We need volunteers! Please let us know if you can join us.  All are invited.

Thursday, June 7th is our end of the year celebration at 9:30-11:00. My class will be performing at the far end of the gym.  The children can wear whatever makes them feel special.  After our presentations, we will have a lovely reception in the lunchroom.  We will then say our good-byes and summer begins.

Please make sure to stop in the classroom after the reception to pick up backpacks, BGE's, Art Books and the beautiful portraits they they created that will be in the gym during the celebration. 

Summer Birthday Piñata: We will be making a toucan piñata in class.  We will fill it with piñata items to celebrate all the summer birthdays. So, if your child has a summer birthday, please send 19 items that could fill.  Examples: little balls, stickers, birthday favors, erasers, special straws.  If your child does not have a birthday and want to contribute to the piñata, go ahead! 
I put all items in 19 individual bags, so each child gets a bag.  I will provide a treat to eat! Watermelon!  Piñata items are due anytime.  We will celebrate the first week of June.  We need more birthday favors. Please send in on Monday. Thank you!

Please make sure to return the BGE by Tuesday, as many important things will be sent home in that envelope the last day of school. Kindergarten Certificates and NWEA MAP Scores will go home in the BGE!

Another kindergarten year is about to end.  This kindergarten bunch had a flare! I enjoyed them! We all have learned, made mistakes, laughed and created with our classmates, teachers and families.  I feel honored to have had the chance to watch your children make significant strides this year. I am so proud of all the students! It has truly been an amazing year! They have worked very hard this year and as a result are ready to start a new learning experience in first grade.

Religion:  This year...we have said the Kindergarten Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Our Father daily.  We have worked hard on being a community, to think of others and to be kind and helpful.  They were great friends to each other and their Special Friends. They never listened to the rule: Keep your hands and feet to yourself because they were always hugging and holding hands. They learned to say sorry and I forgive you. They carried many bags of foods out in the hallway for Waite House, they learned to give and share. They wrote letters to the Homebound Parishioners and made hygiene kits for the poor. I hold a special place in my heart for each of your children.

Communications:  This year...we have had fun learning our letters and sounds, many sight words, inventive spelling and publishing a space book.  We journaled almost daily. Keep encouraging your child to write.  Start a Summer Journal.  Have your child write a letter to someone special. We loved to perform! How fun it was to see many of the children act in our classroom plays. Keep reading this summer!  Take many trips to the library.  Join the Library Reading Club or start your own "Books I Have Read This Summer" list.

Math:  We have learned many ideas this year.  Keep practicing and playing with money, measurement and time.  Keep having fun with number stories that teach addition and subtraction.  Keep counting! Help them to love numbers.
For a summer treat!... we are sending home Math Packets with the leftover workbook pages.  Great for a rainy day, and for the last weeks of summer to refresh for First Grade.  Look for them in the Backpacks next week.

Science:  We loved learning about the world!  We learned how to be scientists by exploring wood, fabric and the Minnesota animals from the Zoomobile visit.  We loved digging for worms, fishing with our Special Friends and shouting “Fish On” when we caught a fish. We loved to sew and weave. We loved learning about the world from Mystery Doug!  We hammered loudly, and giggled when we touched a snake and a turtle. We clapped and smiled or shouted “Yes” when we learned how to tie our shoes. We loved learning about trees, planets, baking cornbread and making gingerbread houses. Keep exploring and being Earth Keepers.

A special word of thanks to my parents for contributing to so many things for our class, helping us in so many ways and loving us.  I feel blessed to have teamed up with each and every one of you in educating the children of room 100.  Enjoy the Memory Books (You will get them next week) filled with beautiful artwork. A special thank you to Kelle Griffin for heading the Art Book Project, playing games with the children and directing one of our classroom plays.  I couldn’t have done it without you! Also, a big thank you to Mary Schoellman and Lindsay Orozco for spending each week in the classroom distributing Just Right Books or helping me with whatever was needed.

Enjoy your summer vacation!  Enjoy the slow pace and curling up with a great book on a hammock.  Enjoy a swim in the lake and baking cookies...you deserve it!  Come back and visit next year and tell me about your summer adventures.

Happy Summer!

Mrs Martin

Have the children keep practicing their Word Wall Words!

Words We Are Reading:  I , hi, you, and, the, like, a, is, we, see, to, come, me, with, my, are, now, what, how, find, this, be, will, go, for, make, play, said, good, she, all, he, no, do, down, help, have, out, look, off, take

Please continue to look for classroom books. Many children took level books home to read throughout the year.  Thank you.

June Calendar

 Charlie Puder's Birthday
6-5-18 Eighth Grade Graduation
Field Day/ Volunteers Needed
6-6-18 Field Day Rain Day
6-6-18 Book Swap
6-7-18 Last Day of School and Kindergarten Celebration 9:30-11:00 Summer Begins
             after reception. 

Scholastic Book Order Online:  Please remember to enter our Activation Code LKMVP.    


Kindergarten Has Begun 2017-2018

We will spend our time getting to know each other, and we will work hard at learning how to be at school.  We are sure the children will be tired when they return home after the first day of class.

Here are some super important notes for kindergarten parents:

Dismissal Procedures:  A big part of every day is going home.  We have your transportation plans on file and in the classroom.  It is so important to us and to your child that they know where they are going after school. Often there are changes, such as doctor appointments, piano lessons or play plans with friends.  If you have a change in plans, other than what you indicated on forms, we MUST have an email before 3:00.  We will not take the word of your child, because this is such a big safety issue.  Also, make sure your child has a Bus Tag on their backpack.  If you pick them up, just write “Parent Pick up” 

  • If your child is riding the bus, we will make sure they are in the correct bus line.  Please try to be at the bus stop five minutes early, but also expect that the bus could be late the first couple of days of school.
  • If your child goes to Club Saint, we will make sure they arrive at the Club Saint room. 
  • If your child will be riding home with another student, an email should be sent to the child's teacher the day of the playdate. Last minute changes should be phoned into Lenore, since teachers may not check email during class time.  The end of the day is busy, so the sooner you can contact the school, the better. 

Dismissal is at 3:45.

Every child should have a Bus Tag. If you don’t have a Bus Tag, please put the following information on an index card and attach to your child’s backpack:

  • School Name
  • Room Number/Teacher’s name
  • Child’s Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Day Care Phone and Address (If appropriate)
  • Bus Number In to school  with streets
  • Bus Number out from school with streets

Post the monthly kindergarten calendars your child brings home.

If your child has “kindergarten tummy” (is missing you, which is normal, and often it happens more the 2nd and 3rd week of school) help your child by putting a photo of you in their backpack or pocket.  They can take a peek whenever they want to.

Sometimes we have food allergies in the kindergarten class, as is becoming the norm in schools.  If a class has a student with allergies, that class will follow allergy awareness procedures and will not bring any food or drink besides water into the classroom and an exception are the days we can not eat in the cafeteria.  Safe procedures will be in place on these days as well.

Kindergarteners have an afternoon snack:  milk (school provides) and fresh fruit or vegetable (parents provide).  You may want to chat with your child about saving that afternoon snack food in their lunchbox. We will supply snack the first week of school. 

Birthday Celebrations:  Out of concern for students’ overall wellness, Carondelet has decided to eliminate birthday treats from the school day. Instead, students will be given an out-of-uniform day on their birthday and will also be invited to lunch with the Principal during their birthday month. Teachers will also have their own classroom traditions. We celebrate Summer birthdays the last week of school with a classroom piñata. We love Birthdays!!

  Parents must read the important details from the classroom newsletters that are posted each Friday.
    •   Classroom newsletters are posted online each Friday after 5:30 (end-of-day)
    •   The all School newsletter is emailed to parents each Friday. 
Carondelet Day of Service and Family fun night is on Friday, October 7th. Read the school newsletter for more details.

It's going to be a GREAT year!!!

Mary Lee Martin
Email: mmartin@carondelet-mpls.org
Mrs. Martin's Voicemail: 612-926-0001 x20

Kindergarten Tips

Click here for some useful Kindergarten tips. 

Kindergarten Behavior Plan

To read the Kindergarten Behavior Plan click here.

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Click for fun math and reading games. 


100 Chart Fun 

Fun Brain


Xtra Math is the website we use to improve fluency with math facts. The site is a non-profit (no charge, AND no ads!) and tracks each students' progress. If you have forget your child's PIN, please let me know. Practicing at home is a great idea! Information about extra Math came home on Wednesday in your child's BGE.

Mouse Skills:  We will be using Abcya.com  
We will be using "Make A Face" and "Build a House" in the "Skills" section of Kindergarten to get used to using the mouse.  The whole website is very interesting, and I will most likely use many sections as time goes on.  Enjoy! 

Scholastic Book Order Online:  Please remember to enter our Activation Code LKMVP.    

Mrs. Martin's Parent Help
Mrs. Martin would greatly appreciate weekly help with a variety of tasks. We set it up for Thursdays, but if you have another available day/time, sign up to fill 

Mary Lee Martin

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