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How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

Welcome to First Grade! 
Mrs. Lodermeier

Hi Families, 

It's been great meeting with everyone during conferences.  Thanks for taking the time to come in and chat about your first grader! 

We had a great short week! Take a peek at our week. 

Communications:  This week we began our whole group magic e lesson! We are beginning with the vowel a.  Ask your first grader about magic e or super e.  They have been enjoying changing short vowels into long vowels! It's so fun to see their excitement over spelling/phonics rules :-)  Together we read the story The Big Race and learned a new comprehension strategy of making an inference.  The first graders learned that an inference is the same thing as a good guess.  Sometimes the author doesn't tell us all of the information so we need to make inferences while we read.  We use clues from what we've read to make these inferences. 

Social Studies:  We finished our President reports! The first graders were given a choice of how to complete their final project.  Most chose to write a riddle report, 2 chose use use book creator on the iPad and one chose to make a poster.  They turned out great and everyone is really proud of their work! Please stop by and check out the reports hanging up in the hallway. 

Math:  This week we focused on finding number patters and input/output rules such as add 4, add 3, subtract 4 etc.  Try giving your first grader a series of numbers and have them figure out your rule! We also worked on finding number partners of 100.  

Religion: The Holy Sprit Guides Us.  We talked about how we have guides throughout our lives and our day.  We can be guides for each other just like the Holy Spirit guides us to do the right thing and live how Jesus teaches us.  

We are really enjoying our guest readers! Thank you for coming in to read- the books have been great!  
We've also been enjoying our Art Adventure lessons! Thank you to the parent group for teaching us about these great art pieces and planning such fun art projects to go along with the lessons!

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Reading Notes

Here are some easy vowel rules to remember:

1. First try the short sound for the vowel.
2. Then try the long sound.
3. An "e" at the end of the word will make a vowel say its name (take).
4. When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking      
5. One vowel in the middle of a word will usually be short         
6. One vowel at the end of a word will usually be long (me).
7. Sometimes "y" tries to be a vowel and it either says "e" or "i" (baby and fly).

8. If you have tried all of the above rules try sounding out only the consonants (mother would be mthr).

When you read with your child help him/her dig 
deeper to make connections with the story: 

That reminds me of... 

That made me think of the time... 

This part is just like... 

That reminds me of... 

This is like...

I know about this...but I didn't know that.

After your child reads a story, ask them to "retell" the story without looking at the book.  Your child's retell should include:

1. Tell the main characters...

This story is about - Ex: a girl named Rose 

and a boy named Ben.

2.  Tell the setting...

This story takes place - 

Ex: outside in a park.

3. Tell the plot - in the sequence it happened...

In the beginning... Ben tells Rose he likes to eat oranges.

Then... Rose tells Ben that she likes to eat apples.

Next... Ben tells Rose that he likes to eat peanuts.

After that... Rose says that she likes to eat pretzels.

4. I think... 

"Ben and Rose look happy because 

they liked the same thing."

I noticed that...    

In the end... they both decided to eat ice cream together.

That reminds me of...

Math Corner

If you or your first grader need help with math homework click the links below to watch first graders teach math concepts!

Missing Partners

Math Mountains 

Finding 1/4 of 16  

Finding 1/4 of 12 

Counting 27 cents using sticks and circle drawings

Counting money using the Freeze method

Double Digit Addition- New Group Below Method

Double Digit Addition- New Group Above Method

Double Digit Addition- Add Tens and Ones Method


Order Scholastic books online!  Select a Username & Password, then enter the one time activation code: H6XR9

Visit Education Place!  Find family and student games, activities and more! 

Visit Between the Lions!  Find fun reading and literacy games! 

Click here to go to Reading Planet! 

Do you love Dr. Seuss?  If you do, this site is just for you! 

Click here to go to Author's websites!  Learn all about your favorite author and explore their websites!

FooPets!  Do you want to learn how to take care of a pet on your own?  Ask your mom or dad to help you become a member of FooPets and adopt one of the world's cutest pets!  Learn how to take care of your kitty or puppy from a vet. 

Do you need a little comic relief from lice? Check 

out this website.  I recommend Jail Louse Rock and Hair Force One. 
Guys Read is a GREAT website dedicated to recommending books for boys.  If you are a parent of a boy bookmark this site! 
Arcademic Skill Builders is a great website to play fun games while practicing language arts and math concepts learned in the classroom! 


Has your child come home saying s/he is a bucket filler, or that someone at school helped to fill his/her bucket?  Are you wondering what that means?  Let me explain…

Each of us carries an invisible bucket.  It gets filled up when someone says or does something nice for us, or when we say or do something nice in return.   The opposite of a Bucket Filler is a Bucket Dipper.  A Bucket Dipper is someone who tries to fill their own bucket by “dipping” from others’ buckets.  They do this by being unkind.  However, we know we can never fill our buckets by dipping from someone else’s.   This concept is a twist on the Golden Rule, and it really resonates with the children.   We are striving to be a class of Bucket Fillers.

Periodically throughout the week, we share with each other how someone else helped to fill our bucket or how we were Bucket Fillers.  Talk with your child about how s/he can be a Bucket Filler!

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